About You

Wanting to be confident your finances are in capable hands

Your financial requirements will differ, depending on what stage of life you’re at.

You may be a business owner, thinking about succession planning. You may also be concerned about putting the right level of protection in place to ensure that your family is well looked after in the event of ill health or worse.

You may be in what we call the ‘accumulation phase’ and at a time of life where you’re focusing on building up wealth to be spent later – on school or university fees, holidays, helping children on the property ladder or treating yourself to a luxury purchase or two.

Or you may be approaching retirement or already in retirement. In which case you may be focusing on ‘decumulating’, when you take money out of your investment or pension pot so you can live the retirement lifestyle you want.

You may be wondering:

  • when you can afford to retire?
  • how much you can spend without fear of ever running out of money?
  • how much investment risk you need to take to achieve your objectives?

Whatever your individual circumstances, we can work with you to make the most of all the possibilities. See if you identify with any of the case studies of the people we’ve helped.

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