Our Investment Philosophy

Considered, sustainable, evidence-based

Our style of investment management is based on the following principles:

Our many years of experience enable us to build an investment portfolio that should deliver returns over the long term, to meet your needs in line with your attitude to risk

We don’t follow the latest fad or base our decisions on a short-term view of the economy but rather on hard evidence of which asset classes deliver the most efficient returns

We don’t waste any time and energy trying to predict the markets - there’s no evidence that investment managers can be successful in this way, so we prefer not to add to your charges through speculation

Asset allocation, by contrast, has been proven to have the greatest influence on the differential of returns

We’ll ensure your portfolio is regularly rebalanced to return it to the original asset allocation agreed, we’ll consider the liquidity of your assets in our planning, making sure cash is available when it’s needed, so you don’t end up being forced to sell when markets are low

Our fund selection will ensure the funds and fund providers selected will target the returns you require to achieve your objectives in line with our investment philosophy

We’ll consider with you a sustainable withdrawal strategy for your capital, with the flexibility to amend it as appropriate

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